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Do you still use cardboard boxes to ship your expensive products? Try our Corrugated boxes and you can be sure that your shipment reaches without any damage. Corrugated boxes are just the right approach to ship them off. 

Corrugated boxes are considerably resilient compared to cardboard boxes. And companies that ship more than one thing packed in a box usually use corrugated boxes to ship their items. 

Custom Box Set Packaging: Elevate Your Product's Value & Brand Awareness
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How are the Corrugated Boxes made at Eco-Brothers?

Eco-brothers are known for producing high-quality custom packaging boxes. The brand has been helping many businesses using sub-standard boxes with pathetic designs. This is how we design Corrugated boxes on custom orders to help our clients stand out.

Sourcing sustainable raw materials:

The process starts with sourcing bio-degradable or recycled papers, or raw materials, to minimize the environmental footprints. The first thing we made is an inner fluted layer, which passes the paper through the corrugating machines, making them have a wavy pattern to take the beat, damage, or sudden impacts.

Flat Inner boards:

Once the fluted layer is made, we apply flat inner boards on both sides of the fluted box. We use non-toxic adhesive, ensuring the bond is sturdy and intact even in the worst transportation experience. These layers, when has become three layers, are then compressed and heated to form a single sheet that’s corrugated fiberboard.

Designing the Boxes:

Now once the raw shape of the corrugated box is formed, here comes our artisans. These artisans convert the fiberboard into custom boxes. They use die-cutting and printing technologies to shape these corrugated boxes into different shapes and sizes.

Branding and Labeling:

The final step is branding and labeling. If you have some dedicated logos, messages, information, or artwork, we do that in the final stage.


At every step, we ensure that any boxes we design are durable, functional, sustainable, and eco-friendly. We don’t use material that hurts the environment; we commit to excellence and eco-consciousness.

Custom corrugated packaging
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Corrugated Packaging

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Custom Box Set Packaging: Elevate Your Product's Value & Brand Awareness
Corrugated Packaging

Custom Box Set Packaging: Elevate Your Product's Value & Brand Awareness

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Corrugated Packaging

Protect Your Products with High-Quality Kraft Packaging Boxes

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Corrugated Packaging

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Corrugated Packaging

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Types of Corrugated Boxes we specialized in Designing:

Eco-Brothers is specialized in designing a wide range of corrugated boxes. These designs cater to our clients’ packaging needs and help them store the products in the best possible ways. These are some diverse selections we are specialized in designing.


These are the most common and widely used corrugated boxes design. The design is used for storage and shipping purposes; four flaps meet at the center when closed.

Diet cut boxes:

If you have a product that requires a snug fitting, for that, diet cut boxes are the right option to go with. These boxes are made with die-cutting to provide precise cutting to snug fit the product.

Telescoping Boxes:

Telescoping boxes are also known as two pieces boxes. These boxes contain two parts, the top and bottom. And usually, these boxes are used for shipping products with varied top and bottom heights to provide a snug fitting for convenient storage and shipping.

Folding boxes:

These are the type of boxes with creases that allow them to take the product’s shape easily. These are commonly used for retail packaging, offering visually appealing displays and easier transportation.

Mailer Boxes:

If you have smaller items, tiny small pieces to ship, mailer boxes are the right suit. These boxes are used for boxes, documents, apparel, small kids’ gifts, etc.

Heavy boxes:

Heavier boxes and heavy corrugated custom boxes are designed for shipping and transportation. These boxes allow heavy items to be transported seamlessly without getting damaged or broken. Here the extra cushions are added for compression and impacts.


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