a custom packaging manufacturer that  will
create a stunning  unboxing experience for your brand 

Packaging categories

From basic designs to more personalized packaging we will supply
custom packaging that will elevate your brand unboxing experience

from 0.08 – 2.9 $

Nonwoven linen canvas and paper kraft

from 0.2 – 1.9 $

biodegradable packaging
100% Biodegradable/recyclable packaging materials

from 0.35 – 4 $

coffee bags-ecobrothers
Pizza coffee vegetables and more

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You have great ideas for your retail or custom packaging design!share them with us by sending us your die-line file.

We will respond quickly with a helpful chat to assist you in designing the perfect product for your business

We will ship anywhere you wish within 14-17 working days after ready to print file approval and initial payment

slam corrugated mailer

This material will be reliable  to you at any shipping condition

ecobrotherss unboxing experience
mailer corrugated box unboxing experience

corrugated At The Glance ​

At the glance

Sturdy material

corrugated card  thickness can start at
1 MM up to 6MM for super rigid effect.


corrugated is considered a cost-effective material and can start at 0.2 cents per unit up to 2$ 


The world demands green material in more
and more countries and corrugated is eco.

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For innovative custom packaging  factory-direct service  solutions
that will make your brand unboxing experience unforgettable.

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frequently asked questions

Please contact us if we did not answer your specific question. We’re here for you !!

Our pricing is based on the customer’s specifications for materials, printing requirements, etc. We are happy to assist you to determine your precise needs and provide cost-effective solutions.
A brief description of your product, including basic shape, weight, and size (length/width/height). Photographs of your product are also very helpful. Other considerations are your desired quantity, the materials for interior and exterior of the packaging, and any printing (logos, colors, etc.) needed. Our design experts are pleased to assist you in choosing what is best for your product.

The most common types of formatting we are able to use are Adobe Illustrator (AI), Photoshop Document (PSD), or those converted to PDF. We request the resolution to be 300 DPI or higher for better quality printing. The image bleed size (the area that will be trimmed from the edge) is 3-5mm.

We ship anywhere in the world in 8 – 10 days from the time we receive your payment.

We are the factory. We create, and manufacture all of our own products. custom packaging factory direct service is all you need . 

Absolutely! If you have a custom design in mind, we can make it. Or, our design experts are happy to work with you to create a packaging solution that works perfectly for your E- commerce business or any other business . customize packaging for e-commerce is us. 

All of our quotes are FOB for delivery in China. If you need your product to be shipped somewhere else, we can provide you with an up-to-date shipping quote at the time of order.

While we are confident that you will be happy with your packaging products, our quality control team is ready to address any concerns you may have. Your complete satisfaction is important to us!

Our factory and offices are based in Kunming, the largest city and capital of China’s Yunnan Province. Set on the northern shores of beautiful Dian Lake, Kunming has a rich cultural history and serves as a major transportation hub and tourist destination. We’d love to have you visit us and let us introduce you to some of the famous local cuisine!

We produce paperboard, Kraft paper, corrugated boxes, rigid packaging, paper bags, and more!  Our products include gift boxes, food packaging, boxes for jewelry ,and custom packaging for e-commerce .

 We can be flexible, depending on the specifics of individual products and orders. Let us know how we can help!

This will depend on the product itself. For example, if you have a lightweight product, we can use a lighter packaging material. For heavier, or more fragile items, you may prefer a sturdier, more rigid type of packaging. If you aren’t sure what is best for your particular product, let our experts help you to choose the material most suitable to your needs.

We will respond to your request and provide a quote within 12 hours.