We don't manufacture product packaging, we manufacture packaging that is A product

Approaching eco-friendly packaging with a mindset  of creating packaging that would live long through smart design and reliable manufacturing.

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Custom creative packaging
Surprise and Delight with Our Stylish White Gift Box
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All needs under one roof

 Tailoring your brand’s requirements and needs, from the idea to the logistics we are there for you at every step of the packaging journey. 

We Are Experienced

Experienced packaging manufacturers will lead you to the right choice of raw material and art printing all with fast and fluent communication which eventually will save you a great amount of time and frustration.

Deluxe Packaging

Luxury Packaging:

If you have premium customers and looking for high-end packaging services for your brand’s presentation, our luxury packaging services rightly meet that. Our brand goes beyond your expectation and standard packaging level and focuses on a unique, out-of-the-box unboxing experience.

Package in Style with the Cardboard Suitcase Box: Durable Packaging Solution
Stamp Bags

Luxury custom Shopping bags

Custom Shopping Bags:

No matter what your bag’s packaging needs are, our brand offers a diverse range of bags solution. We have an extensive selection of bags designed for specific purposes and industries. We offer these services in custom bag design.

Sustainable Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated Packaging:

Eco-Brothers Corrugated Packaging aims to provide sturdy and versatile packaging solutions using corrugated cardboard.
These boxes cater to various industries’ needs, including retail, electronics, agriculture, e-commerce, etc.

Protect Your Products with High-Quality Kraft Packaging Boxes

Coffee Packaging

Coffee and Food Packaging:

If you have a coffee or pizza business and looking into hiring a company that meets your business custom packaging boxes needs, Eco-Brothers are there to help.
For pizza boxes, too, our boxes are made to maintain the heat, crispness, and presentation of your pizza delivery business. Our pizza boxes are made with food-grade material, with ventilation to prevent the pizza from sogginess and locking flaps for secure enclosure.

Flat Bottom Coffee Bags for Fresh and Aromatic Coffee Packaging - Stylish and Strong
Featured Project

The creativity that your product needs

Our Story - Innovative Book Box Packaging
Luxury Packaging

Transform Your Books into Masterpieces with Custom Book Boxes

Package in Style with the Cardboard Suitcase Box: Durable Packaging Solution
Luxury Packaging

Package in Style with the Cardboard Suitcase Box: Durable Packaging Solution

Luxury Packaging

Get Creative with Paper Drawer Box - Perfect Solution for Your Packaging Needs

Custom packaging factory
Corrugated Packaging

Unique Pink Mailer Boxes for Custom Gift & Product Packaging

uv corrugated mailer box
Corrugated Packaging

Protect Your Supplies with UV Printed Corrugated Box - Durable Packaging

corrugated mailer
Corrugated Packaging

Easy-to-Assemble Small Mailing eco-friendly Boxes for diffrent use- Get Yours Today

Emboss Foil Bag
Shopping Bags

Custom Printed Shopping Bags - Personalize Your Style and Branding

White Kraft Bag - Buy Affordable and Sustainable Bags
Shopping Bags

Shop in Style with White Kraft Bags - Eco-Friendly and Fashion-Forward

Shopping Bags

Get Carried Away with the Brown Shopping Bag - Stylish & Eco-Friendly

Flat Bottom Coffee Bags for Fresh and Aromatic Coffee Packaging - Stylish and Strong
Coffee And More

Flat Bottom Coffee Bags for Fresh and Aromatic Coffee Packaging - Stylish and Strong

Stylish Coffee Bag
Coffee And More

Keep Your Coffee Fresh with Coffee Pouch - Innovative Packaging for Flavor Protection

Manufacturing Packaging in china
Coffee And More

Revolutionize Your Food Packaging with Paper Tube Packaging

Shipping Box:

Producing Creative Folding Boxes Using High Tech Cutting Machines

Shipping Box:

If your business is looking for custom shipping box solutions, eco-brothers are there to help. Our services offer reliable and durable packaging solutions for your business.
Folding Box: When your business needs folding boxes that are versatile and space-efficient, Eco-Brothers are no match. We have been designing boxes that are easy to assemble and folded flat when not in use to optimize storage and shipping costs.

Elegant Ribbon Box
Mailer Box:

Less Is More - Meet Our Sustainable Mailers

Mailer Box:

Eco-Brothers mailer box services are designed as a convenient and secure packaging solution for shipping various products. These boxes are easy to assemble and require no additional tape or glue. Use high-quality, eco-friendly material to make these boxes to protect items during transit.

Custom corrugated packaging
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Why Choose Us

How Eco-Brothers Bring Your Packaging Design Idea to Life?

Send us Your Design:

Eco-Brothers believe that every product deserves to be wrapped in exceptional packaging. Our packaging process begins with design. You send us your design in various formats; whether you have a precise vision or just a rough concept, our team will help you bring that rough idea to life.

Instant Quote:

We know that time is money, and we also understand the importance of efficiency in the fast-paced business world. That's why, without wasting time, we offer an instant quote that puts you in the driver's seat from the beginning.

48-Hours digital Samples:

As soon as our digital team receives your design and other preferences. Our digital team will get to work and create a high-quality digital representation of your packaging design. You will get a digital sample within 48 hours of handing over the design.

12-17 days delivery Time:

You can approve the digital sample or ask for changes as you get the digital sample. Once the digital sample is approved, our production team brings your packaging vision to life. We have optimized our production process, which shares a seamless workflow, resulting in a remarkable 12-17 days of delivery timeframe.


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“Loved Eco-brothers. Their packaging solutions are so innovative and top-notch.”

Gidon Thomas

“Hats off Eco-Brothers custom packaging solutions. The attention to detail in designing and quality in constructing their boxes is exceptional. Highly recommended.

Duy Nguyen

“Above all for me, Eco-Brothers are a game changer. The sustainable custom boxes exceeded my expectations.”

Meir Bar