Branded Packaging Design: How to Create an Impactful Brand Image


Building and maintaining a solid brand Design is essential for business growth in today’s fiercely competitive industry, and branded packaging designs can help you. You must have a solid brand to set your company apart.

To give your customers a consistent and recognizable perception of your company, branding—which includes all of your brand’s outwardly apparent components, like your logo and values—is essential.

Successful branding needs integrating multiple components to create a unified branding and goes beyond just a logo as a marketing tool.

A powerful and consistent brand story can be started by designing custom packaging. 

Constantly changing colors and styles might confuse customers and make it harder for them to recognize your brand, so consistency is essential in branding.

Packaging Design: How to Create an Impactful Brand Image
Packaging Design: How to Create an Impactful Brand Image

The demeanor of a company

As was previously noted, branding is, by definition, all of your brand’s outward manifestations, but it goes deeper than that.

Branding is the character of your business. It establishes your company’s ideals and determines how customers perceive you. A strong brand identity is essential for differentiating your firm from the competition since it encompasses everything your business is and does.

However, branding has other benefits for your business besides helping it stand out from the rest of the competitors.

Why is packaging important for visual identity and branding?

It makes sense to create valuable packaging. Consider getting a pricey present from a pal. Would you prefer it to be in a chic, well-made box rather than newspaper wrapping? That is precisely how customers react to your products when they view or acquire them.

You may question whether emphasizing your package is essential and whether data and statistics support it. We’ll explain this together:

Buying Decisions Are Affected by Packaging

In an Ipsos survey, 72% of Americans stated that a product’s packaging influences their decision to purchase it. When customers purchase a product as a present, the importance of the packaging rises (81%). The type of packaging is also significant to consumers. 71% of those polled stated they would purchase a brand if it came in paper or cardboard packaging.

Packaging Design: How to Create an Impactful Brand Image
Packaging Design: How to Create an Impactful Brand Image

The Brand Is The Packaging

Customers think that packaging has an impact on their choices. According to 70% of consumers, packaging is the only way they are exposed to a brand. According to 63% of buyers, the package is just as significant as the product.

Packaging Boosts Sales

The return on investment for packaging is immediate. When businesses upgraded their product packaging, 30% saw a sales boost. As a result, you cannot claim that the packaging is a cost and not an investment because it immediately affects your bottom line.

Packaging wins Shelf Wars.

Would you like your product to succeed in the market? Then make your package better. 64% of consumers who shop in stores claim that they will buy anything off the shelf if they like the packaging without doing any further study. This results in significant advertising and branding cost savings.

Packaging Design: How to Create an Impactful Brand Image
Packaging Design: How to Create an Impactful Brand Image

Luxury packaging encourages repeat purchases from customers.

The pricing is fine if you are selling high-end and luxury goods like jewelry, watches, and cologne. Customers are requesting higher-quality goods and, of course, more premium and high-quality packaging. According to Dotcom Distribution’s research, 61% of consumers said that if a luxury product came in high-quality packaging, they would be more likely to make another purchase of it.

Unboxing Videos Are Popular

Unboxing videos merely display a boxed item being unwrapped by an influencer or anyone else, and studies reveal that viewers enjoy watching them. Over one-third of customers (35%) watched unboxing videos regularly. What happens if your bundle isn’t particularly attractive and doesn’t

Branded packaging increases brand awareness.

What is more powerful than word-of-mouth promotion for your company’s name and products? Did you aware that your packaging has such a capability? Customers are more likely to recommend your goods to others if your packaging has a gift-like feel, according to 50% of buyers, which ultimately boosts word-of-mouth promotion for you.

Packaging Increases Customer Cost 

It’s incredible that packaging even influences how valuable consumers view a product. More than half of clients will pay if your packaging is cardboard, paper-based, and environmentally friendly. Suppose you are manufacturing in a cutthroat market. In that case, this translates to an additional margin, which translates to an additional profit you can invest in your R&D, advertising, or human resources and benefit even more from.

The Most Popular Packaging Images Shared by Buyers

If your product’s packaging is adorable enough, customers will gladly share it with their loved ones. Dotcom Distribution reports that 40% of consumers who find a product’s packaging distinctive or branded post pictures on social media. However, the packaging should always respond to the opening question beneath the image: “So what?” Has your package passed this inspection? Then there is a significant likelihood that your customers will post your packaging on social media.

Packaging Design: How to Create an Impactful Brand Image
Packaging Design: How to Create an Impactful Brand Image

How to Make Your Products’ Packaging Effective

Good packaging has a variety of qualities. A few of the most important ones are listed here.

They Have an Amazing Look

A product theme is consistent with good packaging. It appears fantastic. Not necessarily being very specific. Take a look at the packaging for Apple products, for instance. They express the brand’s principles and are understated yet exquisite. When you carry them home, you can describe good packaging as stylish. It is easy to recognize and carry.

Unique Powerful Packaging

Do you still recall the study that revealed consumers are prepared to pay more for quality packaging? Create packaging that stands out from the competition. Be brave and imaginative. Your product category will determine how far you can go.

If you are developing things for elders, you want to avoid showy, vibrant colors, but if you are designing for young people, teenagers, and children, you may stand out with color and vigor. Your package should be distinctive and iconic rather than generic and simple to forget.

Packaging Design: How to Create an Impactful Brand Image
Packaging Design: How to Create an Impactful Brand Image

Good Packaging Is Simple To Use

An effective package provides ample room for the product. Its handles make it simple to carry the item. Anyone may open or close the packaging with ease. Effective and convenient packing is a given.

 An efficient package saves money.

When a product is well-liked, it sells in large quantities. You can only deliver as many of them if your package is affordable, or even if you can, it could be more economical. Keep in mind that budgeting is an essential component of adequate packing.

Use Packaging to Tell Stories

In a brief time, your buyers should comprehend everything about your brand. Photos and graphics that relate to your brand and tell a story are helpful. Use your mascot, celebrity, character, or logo wisely if you have one.

Of course, you can’t reveal the complete tale, but you should be able to explain to the customer what the product is about, where it came from, when it was manufactured, and for whom. Finally, it should explain how to utilize the product and highlight its advantages over competing products.

Understanding Current Packaging Design Trends

 Packaging design is an art that adopts trends determined by consumer behavior and market research. Your soft drink can be packaged differently than 15 or 20 years ago. You do this to stay current and sensitive to societal shifts in preferences. The following is a list of the top packaging design trends for 2023 and 2024:

Embrace simplicity

The packaging sector is seeing an increase in the popularity of minimalist packaging designs. Making visually appealing packaging that stands out from the competition includes employing fewer materials, colors, and shapes. Minimalistic packaging can be made lighter and more inexpensively by utilizing fewer materials.

Trends that are simple and timeless are here to stay, and more businesses are updating their logos to reflect this. Three companies—Netflix, eBay, and Wendy’s—redesigned their logos for a simpler appearance. Some instances of applying a minimalistic approach in packaging design include using bold lettering against a stark white background, a splattering color against a clear background, or basic arrangements of plain forms with simplified colors.

Use Bold Colors

Because colors inspire feelings and emotions activate buy buttons, bold colors are becoming more and more significant in package design. Bold colors can aid in grabbing the attention of a customer and helping the product stand out on the shelf. Additionally, colors can convey information about a product and make a powerful visual effect.

Handmade and written 

The design of packages should consider handwriting. Customers will feel more linked to the brand, and the product will gain a personal touch. Additionally, it evokes a sentimental sense of reminiscence.

Handwriting can be utilized in various ways, like putting a message on a product, creating a distinctive brand or design, or making personalized labels.


Utilizing recyclable, biodegradable, or sustainably sourced products can aid businesses in achieving both of these objectives. Additionally, eco-friendly packaging designs can reduce waste using less material and more effective packing techniques.

By doing this, businesses can guarantee that their customers receive high-quality items in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Packaging Design: How to Create an Impactful Brand Image
Packaging Design: How to Create an Impactful Brand Image

The Last Say:

Your product packaging should always include your brand identity.

Before creating brand packaging for your product, consider your brand identity.

Create a branding package to aid you in this endeavor and help you avoid the typical difficulties of maintaining a consistent brand identity across all channels.

Maintaining a consistent and strong brand identity that customers will recognize, respect, and support requires that your product packaging reflect your business’s values, beliefs, and identity.

Your business will only profit from maintaining a consistent brand identity and packaging!

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