The Best Way to Source Your Factory Direct Packaging from China

“Using factory direct sourcing for your packaging can be a game changer for your e-commerce, drop-shipping, or Amazon-based business”


buying packaging direct from the factory could be a game changer for your e-commerce business.

dropshipping, or Amazon-based business. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of sourcing
your packaging yourself, including:

      • Why use factory direct service?

      • How do I get a quote?

      • Why is good communication essential?

by Using Factory Direct Service for Your Packaging you will save time and money

In most cases, your product manufacturer will ask 20-30 days to complete your order, a great portion of this time spent by the manufacturer to find a packaging factory that will fit your request and allow him to make a cut at the same time. sourcing the packaging yourself has 2 key benefits.
1: reduce the lead time which will have a direct effect on your ROI.

2:great control over the quality of your packaging which eventually will have a great influence on your sales.better packaging-brand statement.

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How Do I Select the Right Packaging Solutions for Me?

You want your packaging to make an impact for your brand. Choosing the right materials and
finishes can be instrumental in achieving the statement that you want. Some questions you will
want to be answered when getting your quote are:

  •  What materials are available to make my brand statement?
  •  Are there eco-friendly options?
  •  What are my finishing options to set my brand apart?

Selecting the correct packaging to fit your brand ideals is important. Choices may include rigid
boxing, kraft paper, and corrugated paper.
Here you can find out more about the kinds of boxes and styles
The packaging factory must be helpful in determining
which is best for your product. If your brand is eco-friendly, then having choices of sustainable
and recyclable materials is a must. And even if it is not, your customer base will perceive the
added value of dealing with a “green” company.The outside of your packaging is important, as it is the first thing your customer will see. You want your finish to make a good impression, whether you choose to use a single color or do full four-color printing. Other finishing options that will make an impact include raised embossing,UV printing, and foil stamping. (See examples)

embossing effect factory direct packaging services

Embossing effect

UV-printing factory direct packaging services


factory direct packaging services

Foil stamping 

Communicating With
the Factory

As with any business venture, good communication is crucial. Your brand is important to you,
and you want the packaging company to understand your vision clearly.

  • How can I communicate effectively with my supplier in China?
  • How can I be sure I’m getting a quality packaging product for my money?

Effective communication starts with being able to understand each other. Dealing with a
packaging factory that is able to clearly answer your questions and provide information in a
timely way is for the quality of your packaging you should work with factories that has long time of experience in the market that way you will probably reduce your risk of getting low quality packaging 

to sum-up

  1. sourcing your packaging yourself should be the default for your business.
  2. a better understanding of your brand will make your decision easier when it comes to materials.
  3.  good communication is a key to make it happen fast and easy. 

Communication with Eco Brothers is a breeze. Our international team is ready to assist you via
video conference to promote effective understanding and ensure a quality product. This is
available throughout the entire process, from product design to after-sales service, so you can
be assured that your packaging will be to your complete satisfaction.
Contact us today to get your free quote and begin your journey to getting the quality factory direct
service for your packaging needs.

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