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  • What is hot foil stamping? 
  • Why could it help you to shine above the competitors?
  • How to apply hot foil stamping to the packaging?
  • How much does it cost? 

What is hot foil stamping?

Foil stamping is a unique printing process that evolves heat pressure metal dies and foil film. because the foil rolls come in a wide assortment of colors it can bring a unique optic effect to the packaging. The foil rolls are available in both metal and glossy final effects. The 2 main final effects are the filling when holding the packaging in hand and the visual.


Why could it help you to win the competition?

the short answer is it will shine! Foil stamping would stand out on the packaging, both the visual and the filling that the customer will receive when touching the packaging will make them appreciate your brand more. If you will take a look at your amazon result page for your product that you sell you will notice that most sellers are not aware of this small detail of foiling their packaging mainly because of lack of packaging knowledge which is exactly why we create this short post 🙂 

How to apply hot foil stamping to the packaging?

Ideally, your designer would choose the foil style that matches the artwork of your packaging than when the factory will receive the artwork ready to print file they will know how and where to foil your packaging But it is not necessary to put the foil in the artwork file, you could also reach out to your packaging supplier and explain what would you like to add to the original artwork file and they will understand how to add the hot foil stamping.

foil stamping

How much does it cost?

Hot foil stamping required a custom mock-up for each artwork as well as for each size and area requested. For example: if the packaging front has a 3*3 logo size which you want to foil stamp this area of 3*3 require a 3*3 foil mock-up so if the top of your packaging has a different logo size which you want to foil as well it will increase the price because additional foil mock-up is required. Typically, the cost for a standard foil for a standard logo size starts at 0.04 cents per unit. We made this article super short yet knowledgeable to give you creative ideas to win the heavy competition out there. If you want to know more please send us a message. We are happy to help. Cheers. 

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